2017 Crias


Fall crias are arriving almost daily.  Check back often to see the posts of our new babies.


Fir was born March 12,2017.  He is out of Fern and Star.

Matilda was born March 31, 2017. She is out of Minerva and Comet.

Elite was born April 2,2017.  He is out of Evening and Orion.

Riata was born April 20,2017.  She is out of Ruby and Aries.

Fauna was born September 10, 2017.  She is out of Flora and Antares.

Escalade was born September 18,2017. He is out of Esther and Flare.

Caelum was born September 21,2017.  He is out of Capella and Flash.

Liesl was born September 23, 2017.  She is out of Leah and Orion.

Brigitta was born September 24,2017. She is out of Bianca and Antares.

Jamboree was born September 26,2017.  He is out of Jasmine and Alpine.

Echo was born September 26, 2017.  She is out of Eden and Alpine.

Teton was born September 28,2017. He is out of Autumn and Flash.

Chiffon was born September 29,2017.  She is out of Eirene and Saturn.

Fuchsia was born October 2, 2017.  She is out of Freesia and Titan.

Marta was born October 2, 2017.  She is out of Mensa and Flare.

Arctic was born October 2,2017.  He is out of Auburn and Flash.

Sabre was born October 5, 2017.  He is out of Scarlet and Flash.

Velvet was born October 7, 2017.  She is out of Vanilla and Orion.

Friedrick was born October 10,2017.  He is out of Fraulein and Antares.

Prestige was born October 10, 2017.  He is out of Promise and Saturn.

Anvil was born October 11, 2017.  He is out of Avril and Triton.

Yukon was born October 11,2017.  He is out of Ivy and Flash.

Vista was born October 18, 2017.  She is out of Victory and Orion.

Pilgrim was born October 12, 2017.  He is out of Pelisse and Jasper.

Duluth was born October 26,2017.  He is out of Adaline and Flash.

Shine was born October 14, 2017.  She is out of Iris and Triton.

Gretl was born November 2, 2017.  He is out of Jot and Orion.